AVERAGE BASTARDS _ a duet without a cause _ John Hegre & Céline Larrère

Average Bastards is a performance duet made of music, words and movements. Franco-libanese specialists have been describing it as “unexpected, opening new tracks, different, risky, out of norms, not spectacular but spectaculating, a grand moment as we like them : on the edge”, which is usually “full of signs which are going in several directions.”

Picture by Yannis Frier.

We claim that performance is a practice in itself. As improvisors from different fields (dance/music), we deeply believe in that there is a lot to discover in unpredictability as a specific relationship with the audience. The core of the work will be about finding what is each occurrence of a performance in front of each audience. We think the conventions of an improvised performance should be torn down and renegotiated every single time. Performance viewed as interactionism. Free improvisation is in a sense the celebration of the moment and the given situation, both for the artist and for the audience and thus we think every free improvisation deserves to be truly unpredictable and fresh.